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We all know that at times life presents us with various stressors, whether it be losing your job, conflict in the home or workplace, family breakdown, death of a family member or a friend, loss of financial status, and so on.

Anne Lambert
BPsych (Hons),
MClinPsych, MAPS

At times people may be vulnerable just because of life circumstances or something that happened in childhood. Making the decision to see a Psychologist can be a daunting one.

Fortunately, there is a much greater awareness and acceptance of the value of psychological help for a variety of emotional and psychological difficulties, instead of, or in addition to pharmacological intervention. It can be challenging knowing where to go or what might be the most appropriate help in your particular circumstance.

Anne believes that the connection with the client, and a non-judgmental approach along with unconditional acceptance and compassionate understanding is important to creating the best possible outcome in a person’s given circumstance.
The therapeutic relationship is central to achieving positive outcomes from psychological interventions, and current research supports this. Anne is committed to using constructive evidence based practice to guide interventions, and equip those she sees with positive coping strategies and tools to regain better control over their lives.

It is Anne’s warm and caring approach and sensitivity to individual needs that engenders a sense of hope and optimism, such that positive change can occur. Many people who see a Psychologist report greater insight and ability to manage their troubles. Anne offers a supportive and professional service that can help you with this process.